Thursday, March 12, 2009


Working until midnight has its good features: sleeping until noon and not feeling bad about it, not having to go in until 6, having the whole day to do whatever I want... but the downside is not being able to go to sleep at a normal time, and thus I bring you my wee hours adventures in StumbleUpon.

First, the best short animation ever. It brings to mind the image of all those very unique goth kids at the mall wearing all their very different clothes from hot topic with their so very un-status quo black hair in their eyes... or less snarkily, the fact that trying to be different usually leads to joining up with a group of "different" people who then expect you to be just like them... darn human societies.

If you enjoyed that, definitely check out David Shrigley, who may just be a genius.

Or, how about this:

If you're here, you may already be aware of my love of old books (among all things old, books are my first love), and I stumbled into this beautiful collection of library photos.

Or how about a history of the universe in 200 words or less?

Even better - COTTON MONSTER! Which, lucky me, also happens to be an Etsy shop! Please check it out, you will not be disappointed.

Okay, I should sleep now...

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